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Addressing Lifes's Celebrations (Retail Version)

Finally a program that makes it easy to address your invitations!
Addressing Life's Celebrations assists you through the entire invitation process. Addressing Life's Celebrations organizes your address book into households, as well as the individuals living in those households, allowing Addressing Life's Celebrations to properly format your envelope using precise etiquette.

Create multiple events
Once you've entered names into your address book you can use them over and over. Each time you have a new event, simply choose individuals from your address book. Addressing Life's Celebrations does the rest. It's perfect for weddings, showers, Christmas cards, graduations announcements - anytime you want great-looking envelopes.

Addressing Made Easy (Commercial Version)

Global Software Solutions has been providing addressing software to the retail community since 1995. In early 2010 the decision was made to bring their expertise to the wholesale greeting card industry and Addressing Made Easy was born. Thus allowing retailers, event planners and manufacturers the abiltiy to quickly and easily add addressing services to their existing product and service lines.


Addressing Made Easy is an online addressing tool that is easy to use and produces attractive, beautifully addressed envelopes

Formatting, ettiquette, fonts, and envelope size are all handled automatically. Choose fonts and colors that are perfect for that special event.

The addressing tools can be used to by you to offer addressing services to you customers, or there is a Do-It-Yourself version available for retail sales.


Our sample book is an excellent way to showcase some of the possible looks.

The pages are filled with attractive samples, showcasing a variety of the fonts and addressing styles availabe. Plus, we even include extra blank pages that make it easy to add your own favorites.

Our sample book makes getting the sale easy!


We offer many popular fonts that are perfect for any occasion.

Your customers can choose their favorite font(s) for weddings, thank you cards, Bar & Bat Mitvahs, Christmas cards - for absolutely any occasion one sends an envelope.

They can even mix fonts and colors on the name and address lines to create a truly special look.